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5 Best Websites To Download Wii U Roms for Cemu (2020)

Wii U ROMs: If you are a techie or player just as I am, you may be familiar with the popular console of the Nintendo games. This is Wii U.

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It’s a gaming board with a screen in the middle. But unlike the new Nintendo Switch, it’s not anything as per your imagination. Therefore, you should know the download locations for Wii U ISO or Wii U ROMs.

However, the Wii U is fully equipped with all the doping sensors that should be on an excellent gamepad. It has gyroscope and acceleration, and analog rubber buttons.

It has become famous because it works well with existing Wii controllers.

You can use it as a standalone console when playing with many other players on a console connected to a T.V or something else. Nintendo knows what to do!

Basic Stuff To Know Before You Download Wii U ROMs For The Cemu

Now, even if Wii U is an official concert to play commercial games designed for, it cannot stop the market from throwing simulations that can duplicate its features without problems. .

This built-in emulator is known as Cemu. You may have heard about it. It allows you to imitate games designed for the region to work on your computer.

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This emulator can play all commercial games reserved for Nintendo Wii U. gaming devices. This simulator is currently in development. But the developers behind them work hard to make them more effective for our customers.

Of course, you can use their services for free. But given all the sweat it improves to improve it every day, it’s hard to keep it to yourself.

So, it would be nice for you to give them a little on their Patreon page. Here is the link to the site.

They recently brought great things to the area. Things like letting the game have up to 60 FPS! They used a miracle assembly program that could handle high frame rates.

However, even with the addition of multiplayer support, you should find ways to install Wii U ROMs in the area, and that’s right.

Who wouldn’t want to try Mario Kart 8? And that also at 60 fps? So, here is a list of 5 best websites where you can find and download Wii U ROMs for your Cemu.

Top 5 Websites To Download Wii U Roms for Cemu (2020)

1. Rom Hustler

On this site, you can find Wii U ROMs by specifying console or keywords. The main purpose of any Safe Room site is to stay away from malware or viruses, and this site will effectively meet your needs.

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Here you will find the required Wii U ROMs. ROM Hostler has the best emulator and Wii U ROMs available on the Internet.

Rom hustlers

The CD-ROM and emulators available here are primarily based on user ratings and rankings. So you never have to worry about what you get!

In addition, a portable version of Rome Hustler is available, which will be more useful.

2. Portalroms

If you are looking for a fast website to install Wii U ROMs for this, visit Portalroms, you should go to PortalRoms.

The site looks responsive and most importantly, you can easily download Wii U ROMs the website.

You can easily download ISOs for Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart 8 Xenoblade, and more. You can also find heavy nicknames like Bayonetta or Legend of Zelda.

portal roms

But now on their site, they no longer have exciting and fun games like Super Break Bruce. I mean, the last dates on the internet Uploads are from 2016.

In other words, the old addresses weren’t updated if they were already updated. But it’s a great place to enjoy some ISOs images in the Cemu emulator.

3. ChaosGames in Discord

Although ChaosGames includes its forum, it closed on November 26, 2017. If you don’t know, Discord is like free voicemail and chat apps designed for gamers.

Great, isn’t it? The public forum is no longer in action. It is dead. You will get the same comments as your official website.

However, you can go to the players’ social network, which is called Discord. As usual, they have their own groups and discussions.

Chaos Games

But you have to create an account in case of a dispute and be part of your game activity.

To write this paragraph, I registered with a fake account. Without entering a valid email id or username in my account, like 12344321. I must say that their verification process is completely legitimate.

The secure item was not requested and did not confirm the validity of my email upon signing up.

So, upon entering, I first think of a place with the majority of spam accounts and operating accounts. This will be the end.

But I got a message from the Choice Games group or “server” because they say that on Discord, which I have to browse the rules page and then answer two questions. They are “How You Found Us” and “Why You Are Here”.

If you do not respond within an hour and if they cannot verify my authenticity as a real user.

They will delete my account within one hour of my registration.

All chat services must do this before new members can access and discover all of their content.

So what I’m trying to tell you is that you don’t have to worry about the health of existing members. Or the files you are about to download from there.

4. DarkUmbra

The DarkUmbra is the place for all your personal gaming needs. A very complex set of infographic terms! I mean, the slogan on their website is: “The wonder of your personal game!”

They have a forum to see who has the most active loaders and equipment.

You can find almost every game you love in the search box, and I can almost guarantee that you get instant results.

Dark Umbra
Dark Umbra

There were no cases where there was another player looking for ISO steroids to emulate them.

You can find all major topics here and download them easily, but you must register as a member

One can easily browse the content and view the details of games and CDs as a guest, but the download link and other details will be hidden but clear.

You can use your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts to sign up like any other website these days, so don’t worry.

Below the “More” option, there also appears to be a button to donate. So you can support your favorite member in Dark Umbra.

It displays error messages when people access it, but again, I’m not a registered member.

For this reason, I received the following error message: “The item you are trying to view could not be found.”

But in general, I study what happens in the dark Ambra. It is worth checking out if you are looking for the best Wii U ROM, i.e. ISO.

5. Cboxera

This is a website you can trust to find Wii U ROMs for Sammy and even find the best games to play on your computer.

This site offers you more than 1000 games that give you amazing results. The download will be smooth because the whole server is working fine.


They also have a chat room for two players, where you can find 100% Wii U ROMs and games that are verified by players.

Registration for this site is free and you can take advantage of the many games available here.

Bottom Line

So these were just Wii U Roms sites where you can download them. And there are many.

You can find some of the most popular game titles designed for the Wii Room and download their ISOs for Cemo Emulator.

Simply follow the employee rules during your stay and you should have easy access to all the links shared on the Discard server.

Join players’ chat rooms, chat with robots and real players, download and enjoy your favorite Wii U or ISO Wii U ROMs!

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