Top 8 Best Free Voice Chat Apps For Gamers in 2020

Voice Chat Apps: Like most outdoor games, you also need a lot of equipment to enjoy online games. To get the best gaming experience you need a group of players.

Today, there are so many online games available on the Internet that they have a multiplayer option where you can create your own team of players and enjoy playing against another team of online players.

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Here are the top 8 free voice chat apps and services for players to connect more and more with their games. That way, they can stay in touch with each other, talk to each other, and have faster gaming experience.

8 Best Free Voice Chat Apps Of 2020

Here are some great free voice chat apps . Try them all!

1. Mumble

Mumble is a famous name in the list of the best free voice chat apps and services. The attractiveness of this gossip service is its personalized user interface and excellent sound quality that this application offers.

It has very little need and use of resources, which is beneficial to users for a better gaming experience.

It also has free and open-source software. The Mobile application is compatible with many operating systems. It has an efficient information system that cannot be disabled so that all user data is safe with this user.

It offers a customizable user interface for you to use, which is one of the most attractive features of Mumble. All these great features are a test.

2. Matrix Voice Chat Apps

Matrix, a decentralized conversation store, is one of the best the voice chat apps I can think of. With E2E encryption, you can choose your own host for your communication. This is an open-source application managed by Matrix, a nonprofit foundation.

It’s great to use it for your production. You want to change your voice when using Skype or another platform. Get the voice change software here.
You can easily chat or call your friends and get the most out of a multiplayer game. A simple standard HTTP API for sharing real-time data on the web.

You can link different platforms to the same open communication matrix. Companies maintain popular gateways for Discard, Facebook and more. It also works in Promotion and Virtual Reality.

3. Ventrilo 4.0

We’ve tried a lot of voice chat apps, but Ventrilo 4.0 will be one of the best voice chat apps that you can’t ignore. Easily connect to larger groups now with this app.

It provides very specific sound effects per user or globally on a communication level.
The user can also customize the sound options of other users. It uses client server communications with high level of encryption.

However, it never stores user data because it cannot be shared with external entities. Engineers ensure security, Internet bandwidth, and maximum availability.

4. Overtone Voice Chat Apps

Another competitor in the list of free voice chat apps, which uses VIVOX’s built-in voice chat service to improve users. This is the most important alternative to conflict, as it is quite easy to configure free software.

Overton offers its customers exciting services, such as social activity. This will allow you to connect with people who are similar to you.

It does not require the utmost use of your computer equipment, and can be used directly in a web browser, or installed on your system.

5. Discord

According to reviews, Discord is one of the best chat apps for gamers in 2020. The Chat application is easy to use that can be used by a web browser or installed on your device.

It’s easy to set up Discord, create an account and get started. This voice chat application has thousands of servers that you can connect to based on your interests and understanding, and it’s extremely adaptive so you can get to know it in minutes.

You can even send an invitation to a group by invitation. There are times when the lamp does not open, but the solution is always there.

One nice thing about Discord is that it also supports video chat and great voice description. It includes a language localization function that allows you to share your playing experience with a local group of interest.

Discord has over 250 million users and more than 15 million users connect every day, which gives a clear idea of ​​how to find active groups there. So go ahead, try it and see how it works.

6. Steamchat Voice Chat Apps

This voice chat app allows you to create groups with your friends, which increases your fun playing.
You can join any group and share the URL if you like. Like WhatsApp groups in Steam chat groups, advanced users can exclude other members.

As well as managing group information and restrictions on a group chat. You can use it through your web browser, or you can download and install it on your system. So go ahead and discover this exciting service.

7. Omlet Arcade

Omelette Arcade is one of the best voice chat apps with a very simple user interface. It shows you many options for streaming fashion games like PUBG Mobile, Garena, Mobile Legends and more. Once you start watching some games based on your taste, it will offer some recommendations.

Choose them or swipe down to discover more. It also features popular communities with millions of followers and trading messages. This app also allows you to join the Minecraft multiplayer world. It is very flexible and you should try it once.

8. Teamspeak 3

The name speaks for itself, and it’s also a great voice chat app we added to our list due to its easy to use interface, and it has the best management options. Supports, and is widely used in, online multiplayer games.

This Voice chat app contains high-quality features such as title action and converted audio. It also supports encryption for the security of user data. It is also compatible with plug-ins. The only downside of Teamspeak is that it does not support video chat. Plus, the mobile app costs money.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have recruited the top 6 best voice chat apps for gamers. You can try out different voice chat apps and then decide which one is right for you. We hope this article has helped you find the best voice chat services. By adding some spices through voice chat apps, you can enjoy all the exciting games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty and more.
If you use other voice chat apps, please let us know in the comments section below …

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