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Albert Camus The Stranger PDF: Download For Free

The Stranger Pdf
The Stranger
Name Of the BookThe Stranger
Size547 kb
AuthorAlbert Camus (translated from French by Matthew Ward)
EditionNot Known

About The Book “The Stranger” (PDF VERSION)

Since it was first published in 1946, Albert Camus’s novel, THE STRANGER, has had a profound impact on millions of American readers.

Through the story of an ordinary man who was killed indiscriminately on the sunny beaches of Algeria, Albert Camus discovers what he calls “The nakedness of man faced with the absurd.”

Now this novel has become an informed new American translation. This novel is exceptional for its accuracy and clarity. The origin of the stream is intended and fast. This adventurous novel has given new life to future generations.

Translated from the French by Matthew Ward, The Stranger is a must-read novel for all the avid readers. Therefore we are providing you with PDF of The Stranger. This pdf Is free to download.

Plot Of The Stranger ( PDF Free to Download)

Part One

Meursault learned of the death of his mother, who lived in the retirement home. At his funeral, he did not express any anticipated feelings of pain. (The stranger Albert Camus pdf free)

When asked if he wanted to see the body, he refused and instead smoked and drank coffee in front of the coffin. Instead of expressing your feelings, just comment on readers about the funeral.

After that, Meursault meets with his former government employee. The two meet, go swimming, watch a comedy, and start having sex the next day in their mother’s last ritual. (The stranger Albert Camus pdf free)

In the coming days, Meursault is helping his friend and neighbor Raymond Sintes, who is suspected of mistreating Mori’s girlfriend. Meursault agrees to write a letter to Raymond’s girlfriend with the sole purpose of inviting him to have sex with Raymond. But spits on her face at the last minute in search of emotional revenge.

Meursault sees no reason not to help him, and Raymond loves her. She is not afraid that Raymond’s girlfriend will suffer emotionally because she believes in Raymond’s story that she was not loyal to him.

When listening to Raymond’s words, he is somewhat drunk and does not care about any sympathy. In general, consider others enjoyable or boring, or feel nothing towards them. (The stranger Albert Camus pdf free)

The message succeeded: He returned on Sunday morning, but the situation escalated when it collided with Raymond and tried to chase her. Raymond asked Mercault to testify in court that his girlfriend was loyal to him. Meursault agreed and the two went to a café.

Upon returning, they meet their old neighbor Salamano. He has lost his abusive and alluring dog. He maintains his naughty attitude and the usual worries of the dog. Later that night and the next day, Salamano went to Meursault to rest. He explained that he adopted the dog as an escort shortly after his wife’s death.

Salamano indicated that the neighbors “spoke abusively” about sending their mother to retirement. Meursault was surprised to learn about the negative impact of this process. Later, he was brought to the justice room where Meursault, who witnessed the accident when he came to his apartment with Mari. Confessed that he was unfaithful, and Raymond was released with a warning. After that, the bride’s brother and several Arab friends started following Raymond. (The stranger Albert Camus pdf free)

Raymond (Albert Camus the stranger pdf), Meursault and Mary invited to a friend’s house on the weekend. There he met a brother of a rejected friend and an Arab friend. The two men faced Raymond during a skirmish and wounded him with a knife.

Later, Meursault alone returns to the beach and is now equipped with a pistol taken by Raymond (Albert Camus the stranger pdf) to stop him from working in haste.

Meursault meets the brother of Raymond’s Arab friend on the brink of despair and heat, fired a transmitter when the Arab offered him his knife. It was a fatal blow, but Meursault shot the man four more times after the break. Aside from this discomfort from heat and intense sunlight, readers see no specific reason for their actions or what they think.

Part 2

Meursault is now in prison and explains his arrest, imprisonment, and upcoming trial. Her regular breakup makes life in prison difficult.

Especially after she has become accustomed to the idea of ​​having sex with and controlling Mary. Spend time sleeping or telling what you own in your apartment. At the trial, the prosecutor presented the calm and passage of Meursault (the stranger camus pdf) as a sign of guilt and a lack of remorse.

The attorney general told the jury more about Mercelt’s inability or hesitation to cry over the ritual murder of his last mother. Meursault insists on telling the truth, but the man resists. Later alone, Meursault told readers that he had never felt remorse or personal feelings for any of his actions in life.

The dramatic prosecutor condemned Merusault, saying that he must be a spiritual monster, unable to repent, and thus be able to die because of his crime. Although Meursault’s (the stranger camus pdf) attorney defended her, then he told Meursault that he expected the sentence to be less, but when the judges informed him of the final verdict, he was terrified: he would be publicly hanged.

In prison, Meursault awaits the outcome of his appeal. Until he discovers his fate, whether he is successful in appealing the death sentence or executing it, Meursault meets a scientist, but he rejects the opportunity offered to turn to God.

Meursault says that God is a waste of time. Although this thesis was continuing in his attempt to drive Mersalt out of his atheism (or, more precisely, indifference), Meursault eventually reached him in anger. It is an explosion of its frustrations, the stupidity of the human condition and personal suffering before its independence, existence, and responsibility.

He expressed his anger at others and said that he has no right to try him because of his actions or his situation, and no one has the right to judge others. This means that the priest is confident that Meursault’s (the stranger camus pdf) appeal will agree, but it is unclear whether he maintains this opinion even after the trial.

Meursault has captured the unconscious in the universe with humanity and is preparing to implement it. In his dungeon at night, he gets more and more joy from the world of indifference and lack of meaning that he sees in everyone and everything. His last statement is that much hatred for his execution will end his isolation and end everything.

The Characters Of The Stranger PDF

  • Meursault is a French Algerian who knows his mother’s death via a cable. Meursault’s indifference to his mother’s death is evidence of a certain emotional separation from his surroundings.
  • Meursault’s mother was sent to a retirement home three years before her death, as shown in the first lines of the novel.
  • Thomas Perez was the preacher of Mersalt’s mother while he was at home. He played a part in the Meursault’s mother’s funeral procession, and Meursault describes the struggle of the old man in great detail. Take the case to trial.
  • Celeste has a café that Mersalt often owns. He was summoned to testify in the Mursalat trial.
  • Salamano is an old man who runs his dog regularly. Abused, but still linked. When his dog loses, he gets upset and seeks advice from Meursault.
  • Raymond Sintes, a Mercedes neighbor, defeats her Arab lover. His brother and his friends are seeking revenge.
  • Mason owns the beach house where Raymond Marie and Morse are driving. Mason is a quiet person who loves to live and be happy.
  • The Arabs are Raymond’s mistress, his brother, and his alleged friend. No foreign Arabs were named, which reflects the distance between French and local settlers.

About The Author – Albert Camus (The Stranger PDf)

The Stranger Pdf
Albert Camus

Albert Camus, son of a working-class family, was born in Algeria in 1913. He spent the first years of his life in North Africa, where he held many jobs.

He then turned to journalism as a profession. His report on the plight of Muslims in the Kabylie region prompted the Algerian government to act and generalize it. From 1935 to 1938, he directed Team Theater, a theater company that produced plays for Malraux, Gade, Sanj, Dostoevsky, and others.

He was a senior French resistance author and chief editor of the great newspaper Combat, then underground. The campus has always been very active in theater and many of its plays have been published and produced. His novels, including Strangers, Plague, Fall, Exile and more.

His sudden death on January 4, 1960 disrupted the career of one of the most important literary figures in the western world while he was at the height of his powers.

Translator OF “The Stranger” (PDF VERSION)

Matthew Ward (translator of The Stranger, PDF) is a poet, critic, and translator. Its translations include Coylett, Barthes, Picasso, Sartre, and others.

He studied at Stanford, University College Dublin and in Colombia. For many years he worked as a professor at the Fieldston School in Riverdale, New York. Colorado is the birthplace of Matthew Ward. As of now, he lives in Manhattan.

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