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3 Best Free Server Backup Software To Use In The Year 2020

Server Backup Software: Did you know that more than 58% of cyber attacks refer to small businesses every year? The companies that carry out these attacks will have 250 employees.

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Instead of waiting for your data to be deleted or compromised before taking any action, you should develop a plan to address the issue. This is when the server backup software is started as a savior.

Are you looking for the best backup software on the market?

Have had look at our recommendations of the top 3 free backup software.

One of the best alternatives to storing your data is to invest in backup software. With this program, you can save copies of your data to the cloud, meaning in case of network failure or a ransom attack.

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You can avoid losing important information. Find a company that provides IT services or hires a team of qualified servers to help you maintain all of your servers.

Whatever path you choose, having a backup server becomes increasingly important for companies in the digital age.

Top 3 Server Backup Software to Use in the Year 2020

1. Resilio Connect

For companies looking to transfer data quickly and efficiently, Resilio Connect is a great server backup software.

You will receive the invoice as a P2P solution used to sync and transfer data. It is reliable and easy to measure. This program is used by many logistics, engineering and technology companies.

Resilio connect
Resilio connect

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When used correctly, Resilio Connect provides intelligent data routing and lightning-speed WAN optimization. You can also use the scripts and automation hooks provided by this program to create workflows around traffic.

2. Keepitsafe

If you are looking for a way to run your digital assets smoothly and cheap, Keepitsafe Online Backup Software is a great option.

Keepitsafe online Server Backup Software team is passionate about providing backup solutions for companies that are easy to use and efficient.


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An online backup system can provide you with many benefits.
The automatic backup feature allows you to get rid of headaches and compression while trying to back up data manually.

Keepitsafe online Server Backup Software also provides backup copies, which means you can keep a copy of every file on your server.

You can also make sure your data is protected when you move to other data centers due to the irrelevant encryption provided by Keepitsafe.

3. The Altaro VM Server Backup Software

Are you looking for a Virtual Machine Backup solution? For years, IT, consultants and vendors have relied on Altaro VM backup.

Receiving this server backup software is a backup solution for virtual machine replication. Most IT professionals use it with VMware and HyperV.

Altaro Vm Software
Altaro Vm Software

In addition to online backup software, this system provides enterprise-class tools such as WAN and CDP copy.

Professionals who use the software claim it is easy to use, economical and fast. You can try this system for free for 30 days to suit your needs before purchasing.

Final Words

The only way to get the best server backup software is to do your homework.

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